Businesses may struggle to file and pay GST and provisional tax by 28 October.

Businesses will now have up to 4 November to:
• File and pay their 1, 2 and 6-monthly GST returns for the taxable period ending 30 September.
• Pay any provisional tax instalments that are usually due 28 October.

• No late filing/payment penalties will be charged on filing/payments due 28 October if filed/paid in full by 4 November – GST, Provisional tax.
• Customers aren’t liable for Use of Money Interest (UOMI) on filing/payments due 28 October if paid in full by 4 November.
• Due dates will continue to show as 28 Oct – ignore this.
• Penalties and UOMI will apply on any unpaid amounts from 5 November.

• There will be no loss of grace period (for filing) provided they file on or before 4 November – please ignore any letters issued about this prior to 4 November.
• Offsets requested won’t occur until after 4 November.

• Employer Information (EI) returns can be filed up to 3 pm on Thursday 21 October, and again from the morning of Thursday 28 October.
• EI returns for paydays from 19 October to 27 October need to be filed by or on 29 October.

• IRD will proactively identify all customers who paid between 29 October and 4 November and take action to ensure their accounts do not incur UOMI from P3 (i.e. if all other safe harbour criteria are met then they continue to be treated as safe-harbour).

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