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We undertake to help you to:


  • Achieve profit & business success;

  • Enhance the value of your business;

  • Comply with relevant tax & business legislation;

  • Minimise the tax you pay, legitimately;

  • Protect your important assets;

  • Adopt prudent financial management practices;

  • Increase your leisure time, free yourself from worry & extend your life (Well, we'll do our best on that one).


What we are good at:


  • All of the above AND -

  • Listening to you (We might learn something!)

  • Being pro-active rather than reactive (You are busy running your business; We work behind the scenes saving you tax and monitoring your progress)

  •  Keeping you on the straight path (IRD and your Bank expect it and appreciate it, daily)



Services we offer:


  • Monthly & Annual Accounts;

  • Returns for Income Tax, GST, PAYE, ACC, FBT and all other tax types;

  • Cashflow Forecasts & Budgets;

  • Business start-ups, purchases and sales;

  • Accounting Systems advice;

  • Company Formation & Secretarial;

  • LTCs for Rental Investors;

  • Family Trusts formation and accounting;

  • Ad-hoc reports for banks, what-if scenarios and proposed business ventures;

  • Ratio analysis and benchmarking;

  • Funding strategies for growth;

  • Compliance with the Income Tax Act 2007, Companies Act 1993, Financial Reporting Act 1993, Tax Administration Act 1994

  • Virtual CFO (see "Strategies" next)

  • and more.

Good record-keeping systems result in:


  • Accurate financial information;
  • Correct calculation of taxes payable;
  • Better funding support from your bank;
  • Fewer IRD Audits;
  • More attractiveness to potential buyers of your business;
  • Lower accounting fees;
  • A happier management team!


As your "virtual CFO" we will engage with you as follows:


Number 1: Determine your goals


In our initial meeting we'll discuss what you want to achieve in business, where you're at and what you need in order to progress.


Number 2: Get the record-keeping under control


The systems we use:


  • MYOB (desktop software);

  • MYOB LiveAccounts;

  • Xero;

  • BankLink;

  • Spreadsheet Templates (for monthly bookkeeping).


Having complete and accurate financial information is necessary to determine your trading results and financial position at any time.



Number 3: Collate and analyse the results


  • Here we use our experience to check your financial data, trends and ratios to see where you are doing well and where things can be improved.

  • We use Waikato University business benchmarking statistics to compare your trading results against national industry standards.


Number 4: Report, Discuss and Strategise


Your Financial Statements are just the beginning...