We undertake to help you to:


  • Achieve profit & pay the correct amount of tax;

  • Enhance the value of your business;

  • Comply with relevant business legislation;

  • Protect your important assets;

  • Adopt prudent financial management practices;

  • Increase your leisure time, free yourself from worry & extend your life (Well, we'll do our best on that one).


What we are good at:


  • All of the above AND -

  • Listening to you (We might learn something!)

  • Being pro-active rather than reactive (You are busy running your business; We work behind the scenes saving you tax and monitoring your progress)

  •  Keeping you on the straight path (IRD and your Bank expect it and appreciate it, daily)



Services we offer:


  • Monthly & Annual Accounts;

  • Returns for Income Tax, GST, PAYE, ACC, FBT and all other tax types;

  • Cashflow Forecasts & Budgets;

  • Business start-ups, purchases and sales;

  • Accounting Systems advice;

  • Company Formation & Secretarial;

  • LTCs for Rental Investors;

  • Family Trusts formation and accounting;

  • Ad-hoc reports for banks, what-if scenarios and proposed business ventures;

  • Ratio analysis and benchmarking;

  • Funding strategies for growth;

  • Compliance with the Income Tax Act 2007, Companies Act 1993, Financial Reporting Act 1993, Tax Administration Act 1994

  • Virtual CFO (see "Strategies" next)

  • and more.

Good record-keeping systems result in:


  • Accurate financial information;
  • Correct calculation of taxes payable;
  • Better funding support from your bank;
  • Fewer IRD Audits;
  • More attractiveness to potential buyers of your business;
  • Lower accounting fees;
  • A happier management team!


As your "virtual CFO" we can help you tune your business engine and keep it humming.


Number 1: Determine your goals


In our initial meeting we'll discuss what you want to achieve in business, where you're at and what you need in order to progress.

Number 2: Get the record-keeping under control


The systems we use:

  • Xero (our preferred system);

  • MYOB (desktop and Live);

  • Spreadsheet Templates and Xero Ledgers for monthly bookkeeping.


Having complete and accurate financial information is necessary to determine your trading results and financial position at any time.


Number 3: Collate and analyse the results


  • We check your financial data, trends and ratios to see where you are doing well and where things can be improved;

  • We may use Waikato University business benchmarking statistics to compare your trading results against national industry standards;

  • We present you with relevant reports to help you visualise your progress.


Number 4: Discuss and Strategise

At an annual, quarterly or monthly meeting we can discuss the results, suggest improvements, talk about your plans and suggest ways to achieve them.


Your Financial Statements are just the beginning...