Terms & Information

Our standard Terms of Engagement, incorporating an authority to deal with Inland Revenue on your behalf:



We have a 3-tiered structure for completing your annual business accounts and tax returns.


Clients with an extension of time to file returns have until March of the following year to do so -

this gives their tax agents the ability to spread the workload over the year.

However, you should expect to have work completed within a reasonable timeframe.



Routine - accounts completed within 3 months of receipt (unless you accept or prefer a longer timeframe). We are working on reducing this to 2 months in 2019.

Priority - accounts completed within 4-6 weeks of receipt (by request). We are working to keep this to 4.

Urgent - accounts completed within 7-14 days (by request) or by arrangement based on need.


Note that these timeframes are dependent also on you providing all the information we require, so DO use our checklists!


Occasionally, we have several clients who need work done on an urgent or priority basis, in which case these timeframes may need to be adjusted slightly. We will inform you if so.



We undertake to charge you no more than is reasonable based on our time and on the skills, expertise and seniority of the staff member involved. We must naturally pass on to you any costs incurred on your behalf.


Fees faced depend on the level of service required. For instance:


Compliance work (such as annual accounts and tax returns, regular GST and PAYE returns) is the simplest, standard level of service. This work is appropriate for smaller, revenue businesses and is charged for annually for the annual reporting and returns, with monthly APs to cover the periodic commitments.

Medium-sized trading concerns interested in results may require additional advisory reports including monthly or quarterly reporting. Monthly fees are more appropriate here, based on the expected annual time commitments and can be set to include annual fees or charged on an hourly basis.

Larger trading concerns interested in cashflow management and planning prefer reporting on a monthly basis along with face-to-face consultations over results and strategies. Optional work includes cashflow forecasting for ongoing financial management. A monthly contract fee can be arranged for this level of service, with a fixed 24-month contract rate.


Charges for non-standard services may be based on not just hourly rates for the skill level required, but also on such variable factors as information uncertainty,  commercial risk and urgency. Premiums may be attached to ad-hoc assignments that require urgent handling.

In the event of information uncertainty, please refer to our disclaimers.