$600 + GST flat fee

This rate applies if all tax types have been finalised, GST and PAYE deregistered, all assessments have been received from IRD, company has ceased trading, balance sheet zeroed out (assets and liabilities disposed of) and Cessation of Business form has been filed at IRD.

This service includes Companies Office statutory forms and fees, Director/Shareholder Resolutions and IRD approval.

Hourly rate:

If any of the above have to be attended to by us, accounts have to be prepared and filed, returns prepared and filed, de-registrations attended to, and any other services required, then these services will be at our usual charge-out rate of $200 + GST per hour. Fee will start at $600 + GST.


---------- PRIVACY ----------

We undertake to keep your information private from casual enquirers, other clients and anyone who does not have a legal right to the information. We do release information to certain agencies including Inland Revenue Dept and Accident Compensation Corp and others as indicated in our Terms of Engagement as part of our agency relationship with you. If you wish us to share information with other parties (such as banks and financiers) then please ensure we receive written authorisation from yourselves to do so.